Unisys Centric Solutions

Introducing the Unisys Technologies Group (UTG)


 The  Unisys Technologies Group (UTG) of iT Resource Solutions (ITRS) offers a  rich portfolio of Unisys technology centric products and services. As  a Unisys Value Added Reseller we can help you with all your Unisys  hardware, software and service needs. We serve as your one-stop shop to  keep your Unisys technology investments modern and operational. ITRS  helps you meet your IT Data Center demands with our UTG services as well  as those services and products from Unisys. 

The list includes: 

  • Hardware
  • System Software
  • Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • System Support
  • Hosting / Cloud

Unisys  Business Information Server (BIS, formerly MAPPER) users, are you  having a problem finding highly qualified programmers or coordinators?  ITRS has a staff of BIS Analysts that can provide you support remotely  as needed. Our seasoned BIS professionals have been helping BIS users  for over three decades to maximize their return on their investments in  BIS. 

Our  ITRS Rapid Application Development Suite (RADS) is a feature rich  complementary add-on software product for the BIS solution marketplace.  RADS enables quick and cost-effective development and deployment of  business applications in a Web or GUI environment. RADS can transform  your legacy BIS system by adding a new and user-friendly interface. 

Looking  to migrate your Unisys applications, we have the staff, experience and  tools to get it done. We know that change can turn your organization  upside down, after all a migration is a major change. Let our ITRS  Project Managers and Analysts help minimize that pain. 

Unisys  is well known for their ability to design, build, and manage mission  critical environments for businesses and governments. They have a deep  understanding of high-volume, transaction intensive, secure computing.  Unisys can deliver operational efficiencies, reduced complexity,  increased productivity, and ITRS can be your channel to all this.