Health IT

Assesment & Tactical Plans


 iT-RS helps our clients identify problems that impact their business and clinical performance by completing a thorough assessment of their existing operational processes, information, and technology. 

IT Strategic Plans


iT-RS has expertise and experience in developing information technology plans for healthcare organizations. We recognize how critical it is for these groups to develop IT strategies that align with their clinical and business objectives.

Procurement Support


We work with Medicaid agencies, other government clients, physician practices, clinics, hospitals, and others to help them select the systems that best meet their business requirements.

Implementation O&S


Implementation oversight of projects:

  • Medicaid Management Information Systems
  • Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Eligibility Systems
  • Mental Health Management Information Systems
  • Billing and Practice Management Systems   

Cybersecurity Solutions


We work with a variety of clients to develop implementation approaches tailored to their specific needs. Our support helps ensure optimal system configuration that aligns with the client's operational processes and business goals. 

Security Risk Assesment


Don't be penalized for not complying with the HIPAA Security Rule! Partner with iT_RS to make sure you've got an effective security risk analysis plan and clear process for risk mitigation.